Currently down

Thanks to the amazing energy crisis, and the fact that I wanna top myself, aNetwork is currently down.

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A community of gamers that play on our servers, and other games with each other


Minecraft (Currently down)

A publically available minecraft server. It's as vanilla as can be with paper.

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Factorio (Currently down)

Factorio was up for a while, but was taken down as there was no community. May try it again as a weekly server.

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Terraria (Currently down)

A publically available terraria server that is currenly a WIP. i.e. We are trying plugins, and administration to see what people would like best.

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aNetwork is a small gaming community with the aim of setting up servers, and events for all to enjoy.

Formed sometime in 2021 as a private, and small growing group/discord server. Since them the aim has become creating a more public community, and venturing into public server hosting to allow people to play the games they want with friends.


aNetwork hosts and maintains a number of servers, and to keep these servers operational we need to pay the big bucks.

If you'd like to contribute, or see a breakdown of our outgoings click below

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